Lotus In Bloom


Carlie Uyemura 

-Owner of Lotus In Bloom - Kanzashi Artist-  Jewelry Artist-

Hello! I am of Japanese and Chinese heritage, born and lived all my life in Honolulu, with the exception of studying abroad for one year in Hiroshima, Japan. According to my family and friends, the best way to describe me is quirky. I like to think of my tastes in life as uncommon; treading on the unbeaten path, occasionally straying towards normalcy. My passions include, but are not limited to surfing, baking, reading, bon dance, spirituality, metaphysics, and Buddhism. I find working with my hands, creating pretty and delicate things, enthralling. Weaving together my interests, with my love for creativity, the results are unique, eye-catching pieces. An avid believer in letting our inner goddess shine through, we are all beautiful beings and I hope my pieces can help to make you feel like a one-of-a-kind individual.


-Crocheter Extraordinaire Nani's Yarn Basket-
A self-taught crocheter in her twenties, that hobby soon ceased as she became a full-time working mother of four darling daughters. Years later, her girls grown into women, Nani is a proud grandmother of three beautiful girls and three rambunctious, but lovable boys. Finding herself with much more free time, crocheting has become a daily obsession. Like a painter with their brush, so is Nani's hooks with her yarn, making afghans, scarves, shawls, dolls, hats, and quilts. She looks forward to the challenge of not only creating color combinations and patterns, but also completing the project itself.