Lotus In Bloom

Wandering through Hawaii's rich, diverse forests...

Recreating Speakers

Prototyping Hand-crafted Tools

Who we are:

Two curious individuals with a passion for making small changes in Honolulu, Hawaii


Perpetuation of sustainability from the state level, down to the personal level. What baby steps we will take to integrate eco-consciousness to our everyday lives


Making a Cat-Bunny speaker, from scratch, with bamboo & rice. The sounds are generated by Maki, the bunny, through recordings of cats (neko). The Cat-Bunny speaker will also respond physically to pets and scratches.

Exploring natural materials found within Hawaii through our fun and playful attitude towards electronics and mixed sounds of the internet culture.


In Planning Stages...

Processing & Soaking Materials...

Wally the neko

Maki the Bunny

Mushi! The Bamboo Cat Speaker Box!

Field Trip#3: Material Gathering

Field Trip#2: Researching Hawaii's Biodiversity & Equipment Testing

Refining Hand-Crafted Tools

Field Notes: Speaker Box Creation

Hands-on Research for Bamboo-cutting Processes

"From Scratch"



Making Small Changes From Scratch

Interactive projects to encourage exploration of making things from scratch.

Field Notes: Material Processing

Material Research & Manipulation

Field Trip#1: Field Material Research